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Welcome to Wise Girlz Inc.  Consulting for Good!  
*Free Nonprofit Consultation Services in Return for Your Donation.

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Live Chat w. An Agent! 
Free Nonprofit Consultation to Gather Your Data 2. Make a Donation 3. We will Reply with an Analysis via Email.

Do's & Don'ts:

Open: Mon-Wednesday Live Chat & Email Only.
Phone Consultation Services are Scheduled. 



  • Free Consultation in Return for Your Donation.

  • Steps to Getting Your Nonprofit Started.

  • Donation Request Letter (Templates Only)

  • Nonprofit Filing by 3rd Party Experts (State Filing Ref.)

  • Tax Exemption Resources

  • Grant Links for your 501(c)(3)

  • Nonprofit Resources for 501(c)(3)

  • Feel free to ask what else we do.

  • *We reserve the right to revise our do's and don'ts. 


  • Grant Writing

  • Apply for Grants on Nonprofits behalf.

  • Nonprofit Filing by Wise Girlz Inc.

  • Tax Exemption Consulting (See Your Tax Advisor) 

  • Legal Advice Consulting

  • *We reserve the right to add to our list of don'ts, anytime.

We are happy to provide consulting services. *Donation Amount for your requested need will be provided during live messenger and email. 

Your gift will go toward our nonprofit needs.

*Here are some below:

  1. Feminine Hygiene Relief for Girls 11-21.

  2. Better Moms Act/Program (Education & Homeless Prevention)

  3. Filters for Families (Safe drinking water for all People)

  4. Affordable Housing for Families & Homeless College Girls Effort.

  5. Sustainability Support

Other ways to donate:


(Memo: Free Nonprofit Consultation)

Checks: Make Payable & Mail to:

Wise Girlz Inc. P.O. Box 2072 Gardena, Ca. 90247 

Let's Gather Some Data!

Live Chat with an Agent! 

We will Reply with an Analysis via Email.

Select one or more that best decribes your need.

Thanks for submitting your request

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